What To Look For When Buying An Electric Scooter

So, you’re thinking about buying an electric scooter? You made a great choice! They’re eco-friendly, convenient, and undeniably cool. This article is all about helping you make an informed purchase by highlighting key factors you should consider. From getting to grips with power output and battery life, to understanding weight capacity and safety features – we’re going to guide you through everything you need to know. So buckle up and get ready to become an electric scooter pro in no time!

Understanding Different Types of Electric Scooters

When selecting an electric scooter, it’s important to understand the different types available. The scooter you pick should ideally suit your lifestyle and travel needs.

Stand-up Scooters

Stand-up scooters are the most common type of electric scooter. They usually come with a deck where you stand and handlebars to steer. This option is versatile, convenient, and easy-to-use, making it perfect for short commutes and urban environments.

Sit-down Scooters

Sit-down scooters, on the other hand, differ due to the seat available. As the name suggests, these scooters provide a seat for you to ride more comfortably. This design might suit you better if you plan lengthy rides or have mobility problems that make standing challenging.

Off-road Electric Scooters

Off-road electric scooters are built to handle more challenging terrains, which the usual urban designed scooters might not be able to manage. If you plan on scootering on grass, gravel, or dirt trails, these are an excellent option thanks to their sturdier build and more robust tires.

Folding Electric Scooters

Folding electric scooters are a functional choice for users who require portability. This kind can fold down to a compact size, which makes storing and transporting the scooter more manageable, especially if space is a constraint.

Range and Battery Life

Understanding the range and battery life of an electric scooter is crucial when choosing the right scooter for a particular usage.

Understanding the Scooter’s Range

The range of an electric scooter is the distance it can travel on a single charge. This highly depends on factors like the battery size, terrain, weather, and rider’s weight. Therefore, it’s essential to choose a scooter that has a sufficient range for your commuting needs.

Determining Battery Life

The battery life of an electric scooter typically refers to how long the battery will last before it needs a replacement. Most electric scooter batteries last for about 500-1000 full charge cycles. An essential tip here is to treat your battery well and avoid draining it completely on a regular basis.

Considering Recharge Time

Another crucial factor related to the battery is its recharge time. Depending on the scooter’s model and battery type, the recharge time can vary from a few hours to a whole day. Therefore, consider your usage and choose a scooter with a recharge time suitable for your needs.

What To Look For When Buying An Electric Scooter

Motor Power

The motor power of an electric scooter significantly impacts its performance.

Understanding Motor Power

Motor power, measured in watts, determines the scooter’s speed capabilities and how well it climbs inclines. A higher wattage means more power and faster speeds. However, more power often means a shorter battery life.

Considering Your Riding Conditions

Before you buy a scooter based simply on its motor power, consider the conditions in which you’ll be riding it. If you’re using the scooter for short flat commutes, you may not need a model with excessively high wattage.

Differentiating Between Motor Types

Both brushed and brushless motors are common in electric scooters. Brushed motors tend to be cheaper but less efficient, whereas brushless motors are costlier, last longer and are more efficient.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of an electric scooter can influence its speed, range, and battery life.

Distribution of Weight

The weight distribution on a scooter can affect its balance and handling. The positioning of heavy items like the battery can shift the scooter’s center of gravity, impacting its stability.

Understanding Scooter’s Max Load

Scooters also come with a maximum weight load, which is the total weight it can carry. Exceeding this limit can strain the motor and battery, leading to performance issues or damage. Hence, consider your weight and any additional weight you might be carrying when selecting a scooter.

What To Look For When Buying An Electric Scooter

Tires and Suspension

Tires and suspension are crucial factors in providing comfortable rides and handling different types of terrain.

Different Types of Tires

There are typically two types of tires found in electric scooters – air-filled and solid. Air-filled tires offer better shock absorption and ride comfort, while solid tires are more durable and puncture-proof. Some scooters use a combination of both for optimum performance.

Importance of Good Suspension

A scooter with proper suspension can handle bumps and uneven surfaces better. This not only provides a smoother ride, but it can also prevent damage to the scooter over time.

Braking System

A good braking system is crucial for the safety of the rider.

Disc Brakes Vs. Drum Brakes

Disc brakes provide excellent stopping power and are easier to maintain than drum brakes. However, drum brakes, enclosed in a shell, are less prone to environmental damage.

Electronic Braking Systems

Some electric scooters come with electronic braking systems. These offer smooth and steady braking, often combined with regenerative braking that helps to recharge the scooter’s battery slightly when slowing down.


The speed of a scooter is another factor to take into consideration, especially regarding how and where you plan to use it.

Starting Speed of Scooter

Electric scooters, particularly those with powerful motors, can accelerate quickly right off the start. This can be great if you need to keep up with fast-paced and crowded urban traffic.

Analyzing Top Speed

The top speed of the scooter can differ widely based on the model. While some might only reach up to 10-15 mph, others can speed up to 30-50 mph. Think about how fast you plan to possibly ride before making a decision.

Portability and Ease of Storage

If the scooter is necessary for commuting, especially on public transport, weight and ease-of-storage become important considerations.

Understanding the Weight of Scooter

A lightweight scooter is easy to carry around and is beneficial if you have to often haul it up the stairs or onto a bus or train.

Ease of Folding for Storage

How easily the scooter folds and its size when folded can also critically determine if you’re able to store it conveniently at your destination, like in an office or a small apartment.

Reliability and Warranty

When investing in an electric scooter, reliability, warranty and the reputation of the manufacturer play significant roles.

Looking at Durability and Build Quality

Durability is often linked to the scooter’s build quality. Look for quality materials like aluminum or steel, as well as well-constructed wide decks and ergonomic design.

Understanding the Importance of Warranty

The importance of warranty when purchasing an electric scooter cannot be understated. A good warranty period indicates that the manufacturer is confident about their product and it offers peace of mind to you as a consumer.

Reputation of the Manufacturer

It’s often wise to consider purchasing from a reliable manufacturer who has a proven track record and great customer service. Reading reviews from other users can also provide valuable insight.

Additional Features

Some electric scooters come with additional features that might make your ride more comfortable, entertaining or safer.

Lights and Reflectors

Lights and reflectors are important for low-light or night-time rides. Forward-facing lights illuminate the path while rear reflectors make sure you are visible to others on the road.

Scooter’s Controller Display

Many electric scooters come with handheld or fixed controllers displaying essential information like speed, battery level, and distance traveled.

Scooter’s Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth connectivity allows you to pair your scooter with your smartphone, enabling features like GPS tracking, ride stats monitoring, and more.

Attachments and Accessories

Attachments and accessories like storage baskets, phone holders, or even seat attachments can enhance your ride quality, especially if you consider commuting on your scooter daily.

In summary, when choosing an electric scooter, consider your usage requirements, performance expectations, and comfort preferences. Weigh each factor, read product reviews, and select a reputable brand to ensure you choose the perfect electric scooter for your needs.

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