Specialized Globe Haul Review

The Specialized Globe Haul ST is a purpose short tail ebikes that comes in three colors including satin black, green, or glossy white. Although it’s only made in one frame size, the seat post can telescope up high because it’s two parts, the stem can be raised because it’s a quill design, and the BMX riser style handlebar can swivel forward or back to change reach. The stem even has markings so you can precisely reset the height as different riders use the bike! Excellent safety features including the glossy white color option that stands out in low light conditions, premium tires with puncture resistance and reflective sidewall stripes, full coverage fenders with a flexible lower portion up front, and large bright integrated lights with multiple modes for the headlight! Lots of attention to detail with this ebike including a premium brass bell, extra long grips to accommodate different riders, a clear sticker slap guard to protect the paint, motor cable that is protected by the frame and enters from the left side, a chainring guard to protect the motor controller and bottom bracket, and a USB charging port built into the right side of the LCD display panel! Excellent cargo options including an optional front tray rack rated to 20kg (44lbs) and included MIK compatible rear rack rated to 40kg (88lbs). The steel fork has bosses for adding pannier mounts, and the rear rack has pannier mounts that are positioned below the rack so you can access both. I love the two bottle cage bosses positioned perfectly on the sides of the steer tube. The battery pack can be charged on or off the frame, and Specialized provides a high quality 3 amp charger that feels very solid. The charging port is a bit low on the left side, which requires some flexibility to bend down and reach. The capacity is very good at 772 watt hours, and it is positioned low and center on the frame, protected by frame tubing. This ships as a Class 3 electric bike, capable of 28mph (45kmh) top speeds, and the torque sensor feels very responsive and natural. Specialized also sells a trigger throttle for those who might want help getting started from standstill, or navigating dynamic terrain. If the bike is fully loaded with cargo, it’s nice to be able to focus on balance and use a throttle sometimes vs. having to pedal. This ebike doesn’t really fold or stand on one end like some others. The seat and handlebar can be lowered, but the handlebar doesn’t turn 90 degrees without using tools. The handlebar is pretty wide, which could be a factor when passing between cars in traffic or going through narrow doorways. I see this as a great cargo product, but it would also work well for commuters. The bike doesn’t come with any suspension systems on the fork or seat post. You could swap the upper section of the seat post, which is 30.9mm wide, with a suspension post. You can also lower the tire pressure to as low as 15 PSI which reduces vibration but also makes the bike less efficient when rolling. I like the smooth stripe down the center of the tire, which rolls quietly and reduces friction on paved surfaces.

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