Rovoron Kullter Luxury First Impressions & Range Test!

The Rovoron Kullter Luxury is a beautiful new 45 MPH electric scooter from Minimotors! It has some impressive specs and features, so join me on my range test as I go over them and give you my first impressions of the scooter. My in-depth full review will be out soon!

Check out the Kullter Luxury here:

RK9 Rides website and socials:

0:00 Intro
0:42 Overview of Scooter
1:06 Range Test Explanation
2:27 Aesthetics
3:39 Mini Update on RK9 Rides
4:40 Features
5:58 Speed Test
6:43 Suspension
7:33 Weight
8:12 Ride Feel
8:40 Battery
9:12 Brakes
10:46 Pretty Trails
11:07 Other Features
13:18 Exploring
14:49 Range Update
15:31 High Speed Stretch
16:59 50% Battery Range Check
19:56 Off-Road Test

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