Riese & Müller The Transporter2 65 Review

The Riese & Müller The Transporter2 65 is an electric box bike that comes in two colors (black and white), offers two drivetrains (Shimano 10-speed or Enviolo 380 CVT). It can be outfitted with a standard box, dog kit box, or double child seat box, and they sell an optional tarpaulin cover for cargo and child cover with windows! Front loading box bikes allow the rider to keep an eye on their cargo and interact more naturally than if it is positioned behind. This bike does also offer an optional rear rack for use with panniers, trunk bags, and other cargo racks. It includes integrated lights, high quality hydraulic disc brakes (180mm front and 203mm rear), as well as the Bosch Performance Line Smart System motor and PowerPack 545 battery. By default, it comes with the Bosch LED Remote button pad, but you can upgrade to the Bosch Intuvia 100 grayscale LCD display for more detailed readouts. The single battery can be upgraded to 725 watt hours, and you can double them for 1450 watt hours if you wish! Another wonderful feature is the ABUS frame lock that secures the rear wheel, which is compatible with a chain that can wrap around a post or rack. The optional chain includes a carrier bag as well.

Some of the drawbacks I noticed are that it’s much more expensive than other cargo bikes, starting at $8,269 USD, and it’s also quite heavy starting at 110lbs. The smaller 20″ front wheel lowers the cargo box, and is very sturdy, but it also has a low attack angle that can feel jarring when going over bumpy terrain. To address this, Riese and Muller specced an SR Suntour suspension fork with 50mm travel and adjustable preload. Since the front wheel is small, it does not block your view as the rider, but it also kind of hidden and that can feel different than a traditional bicycle. The bike is heavy and long, but that smaller front wheel makes it a bit less long than if it had two full sized 26″ wheels. The ground clearance is also low, in part due to the steering arm, but also because of the length. The bike does come with fenders and lights, but you have to pay extra for the rear rack, display and battery upgrades, and box accessories. If you opt for the Enviolo continuously variable transmission, the drivetrain might not be as tight and efficient feeling, and there will be added weight… but you will be able to shift at standstill and get the Gates Carbon belt drive vs. a chain. It’s lighter, quieter, tends to be very clean, and last longer than a chain. It would be nice if the bike had a USB charging port so you could fill a phone or other portable electronics. Be careful when deploying the kickstand, so you don’t squish your foot! I show this at the 15:00 minute mark in the video.

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