OKAI Electric Bikes at Sea Otter Classic – Long Time Manufacturer bringing eBikes to Market

While the name Okai may be new on the e-bike scene, they are in no way new to the micromobility scene. They have been manufacturing e-scooters for companies like Bird and Lime for years. In the UK they make e-scooters for Dott and Tier, which have since merged into TIER-Dott. In 2020 Okai’s parent company saw a need for direct-to-consumer e-bikes and e-scooters and so the brand Okai was born. Okai was debuting their 3 new e-bikes at the #seaotterclassic. The EB60 – which is currently available in the US only, The EB70 – which is their e-cargo bike, and the EB80 – which is their commuter-style bike. At the time of writing this the EB70 and the EB80 don’t seem to be available for purchase yet. All of their e-bikes have a very sleek almost futuristic design to them. #seaotterclassic #ebikestyle #ebikes

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