Lectric XP Lite 2.0 Review 2024 ($899) | How Does Lectric Keep Their Prices So Low?

To see the latest pricing on the Lectric XP Lite 2.0, click on the link below:

The Lectric XP Lite 2.0 is Lectric’s latest super-budget level e-bike. Starting at $799, it’s even less expensive than their best selling XP 3.0.

Key Highlights of the Lectric XP Lite 2.0 Include:
-Hydraulic disk brakes
-UL Certification 2271 & 2849
-Light(er) weight at just 47.5 lbs
-Stiff, strong fraime with 275 payload capacity
-$799 starting price for base model
-$899 for model with Carbon Gates Belt Drive (the model you see in the review video)

We don’t find many e-bikes under $1,000 that we feel comfortable recommending to our viewers, but the Lectric XP Lite 2.0 is an exception. No, it’s not a top-of-the-line commuter, but it handles quite well – and significantly above it’s $800 price tag.

Please check back soon to our full written review of the Lectric XP Lite 2.0, and let us know if you have any questions about the bike in the comments.

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