CUBE Supreme Hybrid ONE 500 Review

The CUBE Supreme Hybrid ONE 500 is an approachable step-thru hybrid electric bike that comes feature complete with fenders and chain cover, a quality rear rack with bungee strap, and integrated lights. It’s available in five sizes, to provide optimal fit, and the deep wave step-thru frame is super approachable. The bike I covered was bright white, which would help it stand out at night, but the tires also have reflective stripes and are puncture resistant. it has a Bosch PowerPack 500 integrated battery pack, Bosch Performance Line motor, and Bosch LED Remote with the Kiox 100 grayscale display panel. It’s truly feature complete, comes in four sizes for optimal fit, and is predominantly sold through ebike dealers. This means that you get a higher level of customer service during purchase, and can often go for test rides and get post-purchase support. Additional small details that I appreciate include the easy to actuate hydraulic disc brakes with adjustable reach levers, the reinforcement eyelets on the upgraded rims, and the quick release wheels (front and rear). I was impressed with the narrow-wide chainring, which will keep the chain from bouncing off track so easily. Impressive large 180mm disc brake rotors front and rear! I was expecting to see 160mm as a basic budget option, but these give you better cooling and a mechanical advantage. They also positioned the magnet for the rear wheel speed reader in a protected area vs. on the spoke. This is a nice little upgrade that will reduce read errors. The Bosch Performance Line motor offers 75nm of torque, over 120 RPM pedal support, multi-sensor response (that is very quick and smooth) as well as shift detection! I love that the keys they included for unlocking the battery are upgraded with ABUS Plus Code, so you can purchase matching locks and that way you don’t need as many keys. The frame is setup with threaded eyelets to add a “cafe” lock or frame lock that immobilizes the rear wheel. And again, this rear lock could be purchased from ABUS and keyed alike to the battery lock.

Some downsides to this electric bike that I noticed include the centrally mounted kickstand that can create pedal lock if you spin the cranks backwards or back the bike up when it’s deployed. The kickstand also has a pointy end that can more easily sink into soft terrain. There’s no bottle cage mount on the downtube or seat tube, so you might need a trunk bag with a bottle holster instead. the battery bay cover does not lock securely to the frame, but at least the battery mounts from the top and is much easier than ones that mount from the bottom. The key must be inserted and twisted into the locking core in order to insert the battery. The charge port on the bike frame is very low and in the path of the left crank arm vs. up high on the right side of the main tube. There’s no USB charging ports on the bike to keep your smartphone topped off if you’re using it with the Bosch eBike Flow smartphone app (which includes GPS directions). Consider getting a suspension seatpost to add even more comfort, they work very well for hardtail ebikes like this, but will raise the minimum saddle height by about three inches compared to the stock rigid post. The rear rack is only rated to support up to 18kg vs. 25kg on many competing products, which might limit what you can carry (including a child seat).The shifter design is a bit basic, requiring you to shift to higher gear with your right index finger vs. allowing for index and thumb. I like to keep my index finger on the brake lever, so it’s a bit of a compromise, I prefer the Shimano Deore trigger shifters personally.

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